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Professional Diploma Courses

Sugarpaste Course Book - 2018.jpg

Sugarpaste/Rolled Fondant Course

Sugarpaste is a soft eating icing also known as Fondant Icing, Plastic Icing or Roll Out Icing. This easy to use icing creates wonderful decorative opportunities for a wide range of celebration cakes and is ideal for all cake decorators including beginners, enthusiasts, professional confectioners and pastry chefs.


During each lesson your teacher will demonstrate a wide variety of techniques and ideas, as your interest grows the opportunities for creativity are endless, enabling you to personalise and develop your own design.


  • Basic Techniques

  • Coating, Crimping

  • Embossing

  • Fabric Effects, Frills Textured Drapes

  • Ribbons and Bows

  • Modelling Figures

  • Inlay and Applique

  • Stacked Cakes, Design and Handling

  • Designing Celebration Cakes

  • Colour Balance

  • Business Guidelines

  • Copyright and License

Royal Icing Course Book - 2018.jpg

Royal Icing
& Piping Course

Royal Icing and piping skills are often considered to be the traditional skills of cake decorating and in some countries may be referred to as the Lambeth technique, taking its name from Joseph Lambeth, whose early books are highly prized, collector’s items.


During each lesson your teacher will demonstrate and explain a wide variety of techniques and ideas. As your interest grows the opportunities for creativity are endless, enabling you to personalize and develop your own designs.

  • Basic Techniques

  • Coating

  • Templates

  • Scroll Borders

  • Runout/Colourflow Collars and Motifs

  • Extension Borders Lace Designs

  • Cake Balance

  • Multi Tiered Cakes

  • Packaging and Transport Delivery Costs

  • Pricing Guidelines

  • Assembly

  • Presentation

Sugar Flowers Course Book - 2018.jpg

Sugar Flowers


Flowers traditionally have been an integral part of cake design and for today’s cake decorators Sugar Flower techniques, styles, colours and varieties offer greater opportunities than ever before.


With the PME Sugar Flower module you will be guided through all you need to know to become proficient with all aspects of creating and using Sugar Flowers in your cake decorating and sugar craft designs.


  • Basic Techniques

  • Wired Flowers

  • Unwired Flowers

  • Fantasy Flowers

  • Roses, Orchids, Lilies Blossoms, Gerberas

  • Freesia, Black Berries

  • Foliage, Carnations

  • Honeysuckle

  • Lily of the Valley

  • Seasonal Flowers

  • Alternatives to Sugar Flowers

  • Arranging Sugar Flowers

  • Decorating Cake Stands and Knives

  • Costing and Pricing

A Little Further Informatiom...

Each Module is a minimum of 25 hours duration and is a completely separate course. A diploma certificate will be issued at the end of the course to those students who complete all of the required techniques/projects to a required standard.


It is not essential to complete all three modules, unless you wish to be awarded the Masters Certificate.  The Masters Certificate will only be awarded as and when all Three Modules have been successfully completed.


This course is designed specifically for anyone anticipating selling cakes either to Family & Friends or as a Commercial Business. A combination of Basic Techniques and Creative Styling, combined with a Professional Business Approach.  Learn and understand the tricks of the trade. Pricing Guidelines, Business Essentials & Requirements. 


This course is suitable for beginners when the course is taken over a period of weeks.  It is not suitable for beginners where the course is run as an intensive course.


All PME Professional Diploma Courses can only be taught by our Approved Teachers/Retailers. If you are unsure whether a teacher/retailer is approved to offer our courses, you can request to see the teacher/retailers certificate of approval and/or contact us for verification.  Your contact for PME Classes is our Head of School, Paula MacLeod or our Class Marketing Assistant, Resat Cekicler.


The PME Professional Diploma Course is now being taught at many locations in the UK. Please see our PME Approved Teachers submenu for more information.

PME courses are available internationaly

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