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Five Star Sugar Artist

Approved Location and Teachers

No. 2 Courtyard, Beijing Xiangsu

Wu Li Qiao Second Street




Wechat ID: 34769280


Tang-Cakes is located in Tongzhou district in Beijing, China. The studio established in 2011, and has been running PME more than four years. All this is due to Du Chaojing.

As a sugar artist, Du Chaojing has a wealth of imagination, is good at observing and using the details of life and sugar art to achieve unexpected results.

With a pair of magical hands, a piece of sugar paste seems to own life under Chaojing?s operation, and this is in addition to her talent, cannot be separated from her love and dedication to this line for more than ten years.

As an instructor, Du Chaojing was organized and the whole process was enjoyable so that the students liked her class very much.

Ingenuity is the most important thing which Chaojing has. She wants every student to be able to make their production?s level close to hers. So she teaches in a simple and humorous language to make the students work better and better. All the content in the course is keeping improving.

In the field of sugar art, Du Chaojing has a high degree of accomplishment in the production of Sugar Floral, Figure Modelling, and Carved Cake, Artistic Fondant Cake. She won the gold award in the international class, and silver award Floral Display of Cake International competition

?Concentrate on doing something, at least not to live up to the time.? Is her life motto.

Approved Teachers:
Du Chao Jing

Du Chao Jing

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Students Approved Five Star Work:

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