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Five Star Sugar Artist

Approved Location and Teachers
Sweet Design

Rue Vanderkindere 305

1180 Brussels


Sweet Design

We have established our school as an expert in the field and are blessed with a community of recurrent students who keep coming back to enlarge their portfolio of skills.

Our courses cover all aspects of Cake Design: from helping professionals-to-be launch their business, teaching cake designers established sugarcraft techniques but also the latest trends, to assisting them manage their business in a sustainable and profitable way; making us the one stop school to go to.

We attract students from various French speaking countries, but also
different origins thanks to our location in Brussels.
Brussels and Belgium in general are home to many expats from around the world, and us being able to speak four languages is definitely an asset to make them feel comfortable in our school.

Last but not least, our students will find a wide range of selected cake decorating supplies directly in our store.

Approved Teachers:
Karla Harkat

Karla Harkat

Teacher details to follow....

Students Approved Five Star Work:

Student images to follow....

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