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Five Star Sugar Artist

Approved Location and Teachers
Ona Rina Icing

5F, No 78

Fangzhou 5th Rd

Wugu District

New Taipei City 24864


Ona Rina Icing

Our studio is located in the central of New Taipei City(Taiwan), which is connected with all the railway transportation and highway to other cities and the international airport. No matter where you want to go or come from, it?s very convenient.

We have a variety of courses, and we adhere to have small class teaching method so that every student can truly learn all the skills.

In the studio, students may also purchase all the materials and tools used in the course for their convenience.

Approved Teachers:
Ya Fen Chang (Vicky Chang)

Ya Fen Chang (Vicky Chang)

Teacher details to follow....

Students Approved Five Star Work:

Student images to follow....

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