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Five Star Sugar Artist

Approved Location and Teachers
Italian Cupcakes

Via De Rossi

151 70122



Italian Cupcakes

Our Cake decorating School has been operating since 2011 with great success. We provide a wide range of classes for all levels and interests and teachers from all over the world choose our school as a reference to offer their expertise.

As a PME certified structure we attract people from every part of the country being the only PME approved location in all centre/south of Italy. In 2014 indeed we received from PME a reward for Excellence and of course are proud to mention it

Our business offers a retail area also and includes sales on line at
Our top sellers are our branded mixes for cupcakes and cakes, all gluten and lactose free.

Last but not least, our School is located within our Bakery, a plus for all the cakeaddicts that can learn how to decorate and taste our baked goods at the same time!

Approved Teachers:

Teacher details to follow....

Students Approved Five Star Work:

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