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Five Star Sugar Artist

Approved Location and Teachers
DAFU Decoration Ltd (Taipei City)

4F-3, No 2

Ruiguang Rd

Neihu District

Taipei City


DAFU Decoration Ltd  (Taipei City)

DAFU Decoration is not only the school to teach cake decoration and sell decorating tools, but also the LAB to develop and produce decorating food material such as sugarpaste, meringue powder, color paste and so on.

Our school is located in Taipei, Taiwan. In front of our school can see a part of the famous landscape Taipei 101.

The approved PME Teacher Liao, Yi-Wen of our school is good at fondant skill. She has published the book of Ideas for Styling a Candy Bar in 2018. She participate the Cake International competition and won the gold award for class A international class and the bronze award for class O cupcake class in 2016.

Approved Teachers:
Liao, Yi-Wen

Liao, Yi-Wen

Teacher details to follow....

Students Approved Five Star Work:

Student images to follow....

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