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Five Star Sugar Artist

Approved Location and Teachers
Casa Consuelo

Ave Teniente Amado Garcia Guerrero #164

Villa Consuelo

Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic

Casa Consuelo

Casa Consuelo is located in the Dominican Republic at the centre of its capital, Santo Domingo, in a commercial area of easy access. We offer a comfortable schedule for our classes, with regular classes during the week as well as Saturday classes for those who cannot make it during the regular classes.

Our specialist, Wendy Henriquez, has been our main professor, who specializes in sugar flowers and cake and cookie decoration, since 1995.
During all these years she has kept up to the trends and new techniques of the baking industry by pioneering them in our country and showcasing them through specialized classes or demonstrations in our store. She has been loyal to the PME line because of its quality and variety of its products and utilizes them, as well as recommend them, in her classes. Her classes always manage to bring a positive turnout since students learn from her dedication, love and passion of sugar confectionery.

Through her we have managed that PME has stood out as a distinguished brand that our customers relate to elegance and daintiness. Thanks to that outlook, customers take our PME classes and buy from the brand looking to improve and bring their own work to the next level.

Our store was founded in 1964 and has been operating under the same family ever since, creating a traditional and familial environment. The same goes for our school. This gives us the advantage of being the pioneers in the baking industry in our country. Through our professors, we try to maintain relevance by offering new products that follow the trends of the moments as well with classes on using said products and techniques. Our school looks to have a personalized and direct teaching method where students can leave ready to use their new knowledge, either for their own leisure or for their businesses.

Approved Teachers:
Wendy Henriquez

Wendy Henriquez

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Students Approved Five Star Work:

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