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Five Star Sugar Artist

Approved Location and Teachers
Lies Cakeshop

Prins Clausstraat 2c

3991 BX Houten


Lies Cakeshop

Lies Cakeshop is located in Netherland at a very central point in Houten, nearby Utrecht. Utrecht is located in the middle of the land. That is why it is easy for student all over the land to come to our location.

Cakedecorating is my passion for almost 17 years and I?m teaching already 15 years cakedecoration. I?m a PME Approved Teacher from 2008 and Wilton Teacher from 2011. On 13th of june 2013 I received in Enfield, the International PME Professional Diploma Award of Excellence 2012.

I?m teaching the PME Courses full time from 2010 and have had a lot of Students with Master certificate. They always asked me if there is something after the PME Professional Course for them. That is why I?m very happy with this New Five Star Sugar Artist. I sure that it will be a great success at Lies Cakeshop, that why I want to apply to teach this new course.

Approved Teachers:
Lisette Baars-Frans

Lisette Baars-Frans

Teacher details to follow....

Students Approved Five Star Work:

Student images to follow....

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