Five Star Sugar Artist

Approved Location and Teachers
Mandy's Fondant Art Workshop (2)

Shop 101C8 of OK Mall

1st Floor Kings Wing Plaza 2

No 1 On Kwan Street

Shatin, N.T.

Hong Kong

Mandy's Fondant Art Workshop (2)

This is our 2nd location and we are based at: Shopping Mall at MTR station and public transportation station.

Special Skills: Art Sculpture, Wafer Paper Flowers, Emulation Doll

Awards Achieved:
Cake International 2017 & 2018 NEC Birmingham Competition:
1 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze and 1 Merit Award.

School Culture:
We offer flexible classes for students who lead a busy lifestyle. We want students to achieve their mission and we do not limit the time needed to learn the skills required to do this.
In addition, students can get free re-learning time after completing the courses. Our aim is to ensure all students who complete the course have complete mastery of skills.

Approved Teachers:

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Students Approved Five Star Work:

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