Five Star Sugar Artist

Approved Location and Teachers
IDEAS Reposteria (Servisuval .C.A)

Centro Comercial Guayana Mall

Piso 1 Local 63-64A

(Redoma la Pina)

Puerto Ordaz 8050 Edo. Bolivar


We are dedicated to the integral formation and the growth of skills to the lovers of the art of sugar.

We are located in Guayana Mall, floor No1, Local 63-64a. Puerto Ordaz Bolivar State-8050, Venezuela. Company dedicated to the sale and distribution of products and tools for baking.

We teach courses at all levels, teaching how to use the tools correctly, how to make and decorate a cake for every occasion, preparing them in the growth of their skills and reinforcing their knowledge (awakening in them what is internally asleep). Therefore, this helps them raise their professional status.

Approved Teachers:

Nelly Pereira de Perez

Students Approved Five Star Work:

Student images to follow....

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